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A man stood before the pearly gates,

his face was scarred and old.

He stood before the Man of Fate,

for admission to the fold.

"What have you done?" St Peter asked, "to gain your passage here?"

He said, "I've been a roofer, Sir, for many a long hard year."

The pearly gates swung open wide. St Peter touched the bell.

"Come in and choose your harp" he said, "You've done your time in hell."

Nobody will argue that being a roofer is hard, demanding work. Our crews are outstanding, hard working men who take incredible pride in their finished product. We are very proud whenever we talk about "the guys" and would like you to have an opportunity to meet our team here.
Paul Head.jpg
Lorelie Head1.jpg

Paul Shoesmith, Owner

Paul has been working on roofs for 30+ years arriving in Parksville in 2004. Prior to that, he learned the trade in Ontario and then made the move out West to North Vancouver where he managed his own crews sub-contracting for some of the largest roofing companies in North Vancouver. When his son was born, he became focused at finding a softer place to raise his son. Enter Parksville. You will hear him say, "It's the best move I've ever made!"

Lorelie Shoesmith, Owner / Office Administrator

Lorelie brings 25+ years office experience to add to the success of Oceanside Roofing Ltd. Covering phones, payroll, bookkeeping and marketing are some of the duties she covers. She enjoys the flexibility working in the office has provided over the years while raising her and Paul's son here in beautiful Parksville.

Chris & Crew 2.jpg

Chris Wass, Crew Leader

Chris has been roofing with Oceanside Roofing since the company began in 2005. He is without a doubt a very knowledgeable, hard working, efficient roofer and leader. He sets a strong pace for he and his crew on every job. Among the many positive comments we receive about Chris, he and his crew are known for their impeccable attention to detail, and immaculate clean-up at the end of every job.

Danny Rogers,  Installer

You can rest easy when you see Danny show up as one of the installers for your new roof. He works on Chris' crew and has been doing roof installations since 2008. He is a reliable, hard working man who really knows the trade and is able to keep up with Chris' strong pace.

Kirkland Haw,  Installer

Having Kirk working for Oceanside Roofing has been full circle for us. We have pictures of Kirk at our son’s 9 b-day party at a laser tag game. Now, we have the good fortune of having him as a member of our team. Kirk brings with him his good nature and positive attitude. He has a strong work ethic and has become a valuable member of the Oceanside Roofing team.

Tyler & Crew 2.jpg

Tyler Moores,  Crew Leader

We are very fortunate to have Tyler on our Oceanside Roofing team. He brings with him solid knowledge of the trade and has been roofing since 2006. He is a very conscientious tradesman and his attention to detail allows everyone to rest easy knowing he is leading the way.

Maason Schultz,  Installer

Maason brings a youthful and upbeat energy along with his strong skills as a roofer. One of his many strengths is to recognize where he is needed on the job at any given time helping the efficient flow of every job. He is a delightful addition to our team!

James Robinson,  Installer

James started in the roofing trade in 2009. His positive attitude and pride in his work is uncompromising. He has a first class work ethic and commitment to getting the job done in a very skillful and professional manner.  James is an important member of our team 

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